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RH Activ 301

RH Activ 301 designed for demanding environments like industry, laboratories, and cashier desks. With its unique back solution that can be folded down to easily slide under any desk. For  workplaces to shift between seated and stand-up working positions. RH Activ 301 has a medium seat.

RH Activ 301


Art. no. 
Back height:
230 mm
Back width:
280 mm
Seat depth:
430 mm
Seat height:
500-680 mm
Seat width:
440 mm
13 kg


RH Activ - the standard work chair

If you are looking for a standard work chair that can be adapted to suit different people in different office environments, RH Activ is a natural choice.

RH Activ is easy to use and stimulates your core muscles during the working day. RH Activ is also available in ESD and cleanroom editions.

RH Activ 301

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